Research and development

  • Development policies and strategies
  • EU projects
  • Implementation and evaluation of development and reform projects
  • Development of entrepreneurship

Research and development are important factors for the emergence of a competitive economy and a fundamental lever of economic growth and job creation.

We have an abundant empirical basis and provide information and advisory support to various economic entities and managers for making reasonable business decisions. In addition, our work helps policymakers in finding answers to various strategic development issues.

The results of our research work have a significant impact on the formation of the development policy of companies and help them in their efforts to strengthen their competitiveness, increase the added value and achieve business success.

Our research is focused on the following areas:

    • Economic development and economic policies,
    • EU integration and building institutions,
    • Sector studies and analyses,
    • Development of local communities (cities, municipalities),
    • Improving the investment environment and economic competitiveness

In the field of institution development and socio-economic environment, we are focused on the development of sector studies and analyses, development strategies and policies, and the establishment of a business environment for dynamic economic development.

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