Legal Consulting

Grant Thornton, in cooperation with a team of experts from several jurisdictions, provides consulting services related to:
    • Business law,
    • Tax law,
    • Securities market,
    • Contract law,
    • Intellectual Property Law,
    • Rights in rem,
    • Concessions,
    • Public-private partnership.

We also offer our clients assistance in the field of bankruptcy law, commercial, tax and misdemeanour law, banking, business and insurance law, and criminal law in the field of economy.

Within the framework of legal counselling services, we successfully implement:

    • legal due diligence,
    • creation of legal opinions and analyses,
    • preparation of drafts/proposals of contracts (business and civil law),
    • internal organization of business entities,
    • establishment and status changes of legal entities,
    • oral consultations and provision of legal opinions regarding the establishment of companies,
    • preparation of clients for business negotiations, consultations and provision of legal opinions regarding the conclusion of contracts,
    • advising clients in the process of negotiatiation or resolving disputes,
    • labour law (labour contracts, labour acts, legal opinions related to labour, etc.).

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