Business Consulting

  • Business consulting
  • Market analysis
  • Drawing of strategic and business plans
  • Development of programs and restructuring plans
  • Organizational transformation
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Cyber Security Services

Through our excellence and creativity in consulting we offer practical solutions to our clients to improve the efficiency of their business.

Taking into account the specifications of individual industries, we help companies’ owners and managers to establish a more efficient decision-making system based on objective analysis of the situation.

Our services are primarily focused on analysis and diagnostics of companies including measures and recommendations, market and environmental analysis, measuring the company’s business performance, creation of strategic and business plans, restructuring plans and maps, organizational transformation models and finding solutions, as well as other issues of contemporary business. In cooperation with our clients we develop strategies, new business models of efficiency and cost management, and as a consultant provide support to our clients in acquisition, sale, merger and acquisition and initial public offer projects.

Our expert teams provide advisory support to clients in all stages of business activities from the business ideas development, preparation and implementation of the project, to the evaluation of project results. Through the global Grant Thornton network, we offer support to potential investors in finding strategic partners and sources of funding.

In terms of organizational perspective and development, we understand the specific requirements of individual industries and, together with the decision-makers in companies and other stakeholders, we evaluate and redefine the corporate structure of companies in order to identify the potential for efficiency of performance improvements. It has been proven that the ability to innovate and transform the company is one of the key factors of development.

Transformation success is closely related to changes in the processes, structures and behaviour of the organization. The development strategy, business model, organizational and operational structure, communication and cooperation channels and management structures are key factors of optimization process within the organization. We work with our clients on development of an organizational model based on strictly controlled procedures, to ensure effective management of the company’s performance.

Our experts are at your disposal to gain an insight into the justification of your business idea through drawing of a business plan. Through high-quality analysis of all details of the future business venture, we provide you with an insight into the justification and certainty of realization of a business idea and with a clear picture of the existence of balance between risks and your opportunities.

For the purpose of determination of reliability of an investment and justification of projects in cooperation with the client, we are working on the initial assessment of the project idea by creating a feasibility study, and by developing a feasibility study we assess the sustainability of the project. During the creation of the pre-feasibility and feasibility study, we use UNIDO methodology –  United Nations Industrial Development Organization methodology and World Bank (WB) methodology.

On May 25, 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in the European Union, hence this service is especially interesting to our clients and it has become increasingly important lately. Even though data protection and legal regulations refer to the European Union, they will have far-reaching consequences on archiving processes and the processing of confidential information all over the world. The GDPR has replaced the Data Protection Directive (1995), which was valid until the ubiquitous use of social networks, instant messaging and other collaborative applications in everyday business.

The GDPR should reconcile differences in the need to protect the privacy and security of confidential information which are collected in the course of business in any way.
Our GDPR services are based on the unique Grant Thornton common methodology for GDPR, developed by the Vienna Expert Team (GT Austria). Our 7-step methodology, published in university editions, is highly respected and globally accepted and used.
In order to follow the latest IT trends and to enable our clients to gain an insight into the security of their information systems and to assess potential risks, we provide Cyber Security services.

The main services we provide within Cyber Security Services are as follows:

    • Regular vulnerability scanning,
    • Penetration testing from outside or from the inside,
    • E-banking or M-banking test,
    • Testing of credit cards project PCI DSS,
    • Social engineering / manipulation of people,
    • Software testing and reverse engineering (application cracking) and others,
    • Security of crypts,
    • Education,
    • Other targeted services.

In planning and conducting tests, Grant Thornton uses guides and tools recommended by leading IT security institutions, such as the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Information Security Audit and Control Association (ISACA). We also adhere to the standards and recommendations of leading institutions in the field of information security, such as the Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment and the Recommendations of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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