Business Consulting

Our services are primarily focused on analysis and diagnostics of companies including measures and recommendations, market and environmental analysis, measuring the company’s business performance, creation of strategic and business plans, restructuring plans and maps, organizational transformation models and finding solutions, as well as other issues of contemporary business. In cooperation with our clients we develop strategies, new business models of efficiency and cost management, and as a consultant provide support to our clients in acquisition, sale, merger and acquisition and initial public offer projects.

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Financial Consulting

Financial consulting services are offered through valuation of companies’ assets, business and brand in accordance with international valuation standards, due diligence, development of financial stabilization programs, financial analyses in the processes of purchasing or selling companies or parts thereof, as well trough business engagements dealing with mergers, acquisitions and recapitalization of companies.

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Legal Consulting

Grant Thornton, in cooperation with a team of experts from several jurisdictions, provides consulting services related to:

  • Business law,
  • Tax law,
  • Securities market,
  • Contract law,
  • Intellectual Property Law,
  • Rights in rem,
  • Concessions,
  • Public-private partnership.

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