Audit of financial reports

While performing audit services we use our own reliable methodology called Horizon, developed and adopted at Grant Thornton International, which in combination with the knowledge of our team and professional relationship, provides high quality and reliable services.

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Project audit

Grant Thornton, among other services, offers to its clients audit of projects in accordance with professional regulations and specific requirements of donors or clients who want or are obliged to audit implemented projects or projects in realization.

IT audit

Our team has long-lasting experience in conducting IT audit, security management and data protection as well as management information system.

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Other audits

Within the services we provide to our clients, we also offer other audits, which are primarily related to assurance engagements, which are not part of the audit of financial statements.

Within these audits, we perform audit procedures regarding financial information and submit reports, or issue reports on findings of facts.


Grant Thornton team has long-lasting experience in valuation of specific economic, tax and legal relationships and their effect, as well as in a review clarification of the results of the assessment through written expertise.

We successfully do expertise for legal entities, individuals and courts.

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