Public sector

The public sector in contemporary countries has an immense importance for the standard and quality of life of citizens, providing citizens with public services by providing public services. Public services financing is provided from public revenues, by reallocation of GDP to personal, production and public consumption.

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Financial sector

Financial sector is one of the main economic pillars. The financial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is insufficiently and inadequately developed to significantly affect the growth of the economy through the capital market. Even though the financial sector is bank-centric and has relatively simple structure, it is exposed to the constant pressures and challenges to which the financial sector in the world’s developed countries is also exposed to.

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Health sector

The health sector is one of the basic public services provided by the state. This service is financed from public revenues through public expenditures, which have a continuous growth trend., The health sector is facing major challenges worldwide due to the rising standards, population needs and the increasing life expectancy of the population, which are constantly making a pressure on growth of public expenditure and allocation of funds for health.

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