Utility companies

Utility companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, among others in the countries in transition, bear the burden and problems in business due to the “undefined” attitude of the state towards the method of financing utility services. This type of public service that represents the public need of the population, which is provided through utility services and utility companies, requires a special approach of funding for system to be sustainable.

Particularly noticeable problem utility companies face is the attempt to conduct social policies through utility companies, which is unacceptable and which leads operation of utility companies to uncertainty.

A special approach to public utilities financing is through Public Private Partnership (PPP), so that the interests of the quality of public utility services and population satisfaction on the one hand are reconciled with the stability and continuity in the operations of utility companies, that is, financial sustainability of public utility financing on the other hand.

Grant Thornton Bosnia and Herzegovina has a vast experience in work and problems of the utility companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore, by providing consulting services to its clients, offer them solutions for the concrete problems.

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