Energy and ecology

Bosnia and Herzegovina has huge potentials of primary energy at disposal: fossil fuels, hydro potential, solar energy, biomass, geothermal sources and significant wind potential.

Even though the coal makes an important source of primary energy in many countries, there is a tendency to reduce the role of coal as a primary source of energy, and to increase investment in the use of hydro-energy potential as well as new alternative energies such as wind, geothermal energy and solar heat. There is also a tendency to increase energy production from biomass and biofuels. Today, when economic and ecological interests are confronting the world, the starting point is to preserve the natural life basis, that is, to balance the conflicting interests in the sense that economic benefits do not endanger ecological interests directed at the well-being of people and the living world.

Guided by these principles, Grant Thornton in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with experts from the global Grant Thornton network, can offer the best solutions for the use of enormous energy potential for growth.

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