Utility companies

Utility companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, among others in the countries in transition, bear the burden and problems in business due to the “undefined” attitude of the state towards the method of financing utility services. This type of public service that represents the public need of the population, which is provided through utility services and utility companies, requires a special approach of funding for system to be sustainable.

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Technology, media and communications

Information and communication technologies, especially the software industry, are subject to constant changes. Currently, the greatest demand in the world market is exactly for these activities, therefore, they have a continuous growth trend. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the software industry is rapidly evolving, which is especially cause by the entrepreneurial spirit and professional potentials of domestic software companies.

Non-governmental organisations

The non-profit sector has a great significance for the development of civil society, rule of the law and the development of the democracy, and in line with its field of activity, they are involved in solving various society problems. The basic characteristic of the non-governmental sector is organization on a voluntary basis, as well as engagement in solving issues for which they are personally interested or which are a general social need.

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Energy and ecology

Bosnia and Herzegovina has huge potentials of primary energy at disposal: fossil fuels, hydro potential, solar energy, biomass, geothermal sources and significant wind potential.

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Global sites