Construction and building materials industry

Construction and building materials industry are a significant segment of the economy of each country. Construction is primarily a labour-intensive branch of industry that employs a large number of workers, and the experiences of other countries in the world have shown that in severe economic conditions in the country, increased civil engineering activity significantly alleviates and solves the problems of unemployment.

On the other hand, the construction industry absorbs a large portion of the production of other economy branches, primarily industry, which directly contributes to the growth of production of other industries, as well as the economy in the whole.

The state and development of the construction industry and the building materials industry are in direct correlation with the volume of investments. Bosnia and Herzegovina abounds with many natural resources that are a potential for the growth of the construction market.

Significant opportunities for the growth of the construction industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina are based on construction where there exist a large number of projects, and Grant Thornton teams, who have long-lasting experience in the field of construction industry and real estate, providing their advisory services, and especially by making pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, may help you to find sources of financing, reducing risks and providing pre-conditions for successful implementation of projects.

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